Goods Receipt Note Automation Build an efficient goods receipt notice process with faster resolution and low cycle time

A supply chain with multiple stakeholders relies heavily on early availability of time sensitive information. Delays or discrepancy can ruin the process It’s vital to identify errors early

DoxtrE helps you in automating the entire process. As soon as a vendor sends invoices over email, DoxtrE gets to work It automatically analyses, cross checks and makes all this error free data available for every stakeholder at the earliest. Any errors are immediately escalated and resolved This helps all relevant stakeholders validate the data up to the last mile.

How DoxtrE helps you perform better
• Improved employee productivity
• Better tax compliance
• Improved visibility into liabilities
• Reduction in late payment & penalties

Purchase Order Automation energises trade order processing, removing time delays and human errors

In today’s you snooze you lose business ecosystem, lost sales opportunities due to delay in availability of order information forces customers to migrate onto competing brands. All of these and more can be easily solved by DoxtrE our future proof and robust
automation system.

The purchase order sent by customers over email is received by DoxtrE. The PO is then processed using DoxtrE’s AI capabilities, with relevant and actionable information such as product description, price, quantity among others extracted and ready to be utilised. These values are pushed to the ERP, leading to a very short Order to Delivery cycle.

How DoxtrE helps you perform better
• Improved employee productivity
• Higher fill rate
• Accurate demand data
• Reduction in returned goods